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Technology, Tools & Training to
Serve Amputees in Need

52 million people in the developing world are living with limb-loss.

90% of amputees in  poor nations can't obtain prosthetic care.

Prosthetics training doesn't exist in 75% of low-income countries.

  Affordable.  Accessible.

Operation Namaste helps determined amputees achieve their full potential by providing technology, tools and support
to practitioners who deliver prosthetic care in under-resourced communities and conflict zones.


The Problem

According to the World Health Organization and a recent ATscale Report -- 52 million people in the developing world are living with limb-loss, and fewer than 10% of them have access to prosthetic care.  This lack of access to fundamental healthcare has a devastating impact on quality of life; amputees are isolated and unable to actively participate in family and community life while unemployment among the physically disabled is as high as 80% in some countries.  The problem is growing – an estimated 1.2 million more amputations – mostly lower limb – are projected to occur each year in under-resourced communities.  High costs, a shortage of prosthetists and a lack of training for prosthetic care-givers are all key challenges.

The Namaste Answer

Operation Namaste was founded to bring low-cost technology solutions and innovative collaboration and training to hospitals and prosthetic clinics serving amputees who are financially unable to obtain quality prosthetic care. 



Operation Namaste delivers support to prosthetic practitioners through innovation with the help of donors like you.  Please consider a financial contribution to offset the costs of our programs as we reach across the globe to bring life-changing prosthetic care to amputees who would otherwise go without.


Your knowledge and skills are the most powerful element of Operation Namaste’s programs.  With the help of Prosthetists, Technicians, CAD Developers, Engineers and Clinicians around the world we bring the joy of mobility to those in need.  Share your knowledge and help bring affordable care to amputees living in poverty.

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