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Namaste Prosthetic Liner 

Prosthetic liners provide a cushioning layer between the residual limb and the prosthetic socket which reduces movement within the socket. An effective liner is critical to increase stability, comfort and safety. For an active amputee a quality liner makes standing for long periods, being productive at work and playing an achievable, life-changing goal.

A standard component available to amputees in wealthy countries for more than 30 years -- prosthetic liners are still not readily available in many low-resource settings. As a result, financially disadvantaged amputees are limited in their ability to obtain gainful employment and enjoy an active family and social life.

The Namaste Prosthetic Liner is changing that.


Operation Namaste developed a way to make this essential component available through providers in poorer communities using CAD, and additive manufacturing to reduce the cost and enable on-site production.


Using 3D printed molds and medical grade, platinum-cured silicone,

practitioners in low-income regions can now produce Namaste Liners in their own facility eliminating shipping time and vastly reducing the cost

for amputees with limited resources.

The Namaste Liner is part of the Namaste Limb Solutions kit and is

available to Prosthetists and Clinicians around the world. 

Contact us to sample the Namaste Prosthetic Liner and learn more about how

Namaste Limb Solutions can help you provide low-cost silicone liners to your patients.  

Using Technology to Deliver Affordable Care

Everyone living with limb-loss deserves the increased comfort and safety of a silicone liner and now there is a way for you to provide one to your patients regardless of their financial circumstances.   The Namaste Prosthetic Liner is a light-weight, durable, high-cushioning liner which can be fabricated on-site in minutes using multi-sized 3D printed molds and medical grade silicone. With a Namaste Liner your patients can achieve higher levels of activity at work and play for a minimal cost.

While a prosthetic liner can typically cost $200 or more -- a Namaste Prosthetic Liner can be fabricated for less than $50.  The Namaste Prosthetic Liner, part of Namaste Limb Solutions, is available to non-profit hospitals, affiliate prosthetic care givers and clinicians serving low-income patients world-wide. We would be pleased to provide sample liners and additional information about Namaste Limb Solutions to help you fabricate prosthetic liners on-site at your own facility.


"Before Namaste Liners it was painful
  to walk, now I can run."

   Suraj from Pokhara, Nepal


With a Namaste Liner
Active Amputees Are...

Climbing Mountains

Working Full-time

Serving in the Military

Attending College

Starting New Businesses

Living Life to the Fullest

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