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 who wants to Beta test the CAD software, 

Collaborative CAD

 Our software is based around a collaborative education model.  We have found after countless discussions with our partners  that one of the biggest bottlenecks for improving Orthotic and Prosthetic care in the around the world is a gap in knowledge. 


  In high income countries we have limitless continuing education opportunities.  However in low income countries this knowledge is harder to come by.  There are less local conferences and manufacturer workshops to teach new care methods and new technology.  Therefore the amputee's are not getting the best care they could. 


The internet is very good at spreading knowledge worldwide, but struggles with teaching specific skills. It is not possible to travel to every low income country and provide Orthotic and Prosthetic education on newer technology so we have created:


CAD based telehealth tools that facilitated virtual hands on collaborative instruction through the internet.  

Our software is based around a patient case: a patient in need of care.


 Local clinician reaches out to through our network and partners with other clinicians with more experience.

 The local clinician may be the expert in their patient while collaborator is an expert in the new method and technology.  

To achieve this we have created a software that is easy access on every device including mobile and easy to learn.  We would like to minimize the barrier of entry and democratize access to CAD software worldwide

As much as we look forward to continuing to travel to other countries and provide in person education we feel this is how we will make the learning accessible to everyone and our programs sustainable.