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Collaborative CAD Software 

Through extensive conversations with our partners and our own experience in countries like Haiti and Nepal, we learned that prosthetic care education opportunities in low-resource countries are extremely limited.  There are few local conferences and even fewer manufacturer workshops to teach new prosthetic care methods and train care-givers on current technology.  As a result, there is great disparity in the quality of prosthetic care received by amputees living in poverty.


Operation Namaste’s Collaborative CAD Software was built to overcome this barrier by providing a tool that brings knowledge, resources and design capabilities to prosthetic care providers in under-resourced settings. Through the use of digital scanning, multi-channel computer aided design, online training and real-time collaboration, our CAD software is helping patients in developing countries obtain customized treatment previously not available.


CAD Based Telehealth Tool 
Designed to Facilitate Virtual
Hands-on Instruction and Design 

The Collaborative Care Network

Through Operation Namaste's Collaborative Care Network care-givers in low-resource countries can provide detailed patient specifications and be connected with prosthetics specialists and technology across the globe. Together they use our CAD software to design customized prosthetic devices for amputees in need. 


Accessible via every device, our Collaborative CAD software is user friendly and easy to learn.  By eliminating the cost and logistics of in-person training, this CAD software and the Collaborative Care Network enable the design, fabrication and delivery of advanced prosthetic devices and care in low-resource settings worldwide.

The Operation Namaste CAD software and Collaborative Care Network are currently being beta tested in partnership with clinicians in Nepal and Prosthetics students from Universities in the United States and Canada.


Please contact us if you would like to participate in the expansion of Operation Namaste’s Collaborative Care Network.

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