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Low-cost technology solutions, innovative collaboration tools,  and training for care-givers who deliver mobility
to amputees in the developing world and conflict zone.

  Namaste Prosthetic Liner

A prosthetic liner serves as the connection between an amputee’s residual limb and the prosthesis.  It is a critical component that helps reduce pressure and provides the cushioning needed for intense activity and longer use.  Operation Namaste devised a way to use CAD, proprietary silicone and additive manufacturing to reduce the cost of this essential component – making it affordable and available in low-resource communities. 

   Namaste Limb Solutions

While available to amputees in wealthy countries for more than 30 years, prosthetic liners are still out of reach for many in the developing world. Operation Namaste’s solution to making this critical component more affordable is a comprehensive tool-kit which includes training, CAD specs, and the materials needed for prosthetic clinicians to manufacture high-quality liners quickly, in their own facility, at a fraction of the conventional cost.  


The Limbkit is a self contained prosthetic fabrication system for transtibial prostheses which enables mobile care in rural settings and conflict zones.  In less than half a day, the Limbkit system enables production of custom prostheses, without a conventional prosthetic fabrication facility and expensive/cumbersome equipment.  


Experience Operation Namaste

We are leading the trek for affordable care by offering prosthetic professionals and volunteers the opportunity to experience the magic of Nepal while helping deliver life-changing prosthetic care to amputees in need.

JOIN US - share your knowledge and learn more about prosthetic care in the developing world.


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