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Namaste Limb Solutions 

Namaste Limb Solutions includes everything you need to fabricate silicone gel liners in your own office or clinic. The liner kit includes CAD files exportable to a local 3D printing source for liner molds in 4-sizes; small, medium, large & extra-large.  Once your liner molds are printed, you can fabricate liners for patients on demand. Operation Namaste provides the medical-grade, shelf-stable silicone – a proprietary blend developed to produce high-quality, durable liners that deliver life-changing function and comfort.   


Using a mentor-based approach, Namaste Limb Solutions also includes online or in-person training and certification for correct use of the molds and liners as well as education regarding developing techniques in contemporary prosthetic care.


Education materials and guidelines for patient follow-up are also elements of the Namaste Limb Solutions package designed to help ensure patient satisfaction and provide ongoing support for successful prosthesis use.

With Namaste Limb Solutions you can provide the extra comfort and safety that enables your patients to get back to participating fully in family, social and work life. 

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You Can Provide the Benefits of a High Quality,
Low-Cost Silicone Gel Liner for Your Patients.

Reach Out to Learn More About How to Bring the Namaste Limb Solutions Kit to Your Facility.


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