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A Dedicated Team of Professionals Helping Low-Income Amputees
Stay Active

Our Mission

To improve quality of life for determined amputees by delivering knowledge, technology and tools to prosthetic practitioners who 

serve low resource communities around the world.

History & Mission

Founded by Jeff Erenstone: an International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics Certified Prosthetist, Operation Namaste has been working to increase the quality of prosthetic care for low-income amputees in Nepal and other developing countries since 2015.  

With an extensive background in developing customized prosthetics for disabled athletes, Jeff was inspired by the idea of bringing the same level of quality to active amputees in low-income communities by using technology to make it affordable. 

At the core of Operation Namaste is the idea that everyone deserves access to prosthetic care that enables an active and productive life.  By creating 3D component fabrication tools and virtual training materials, Operation Namaste has empowered prosthetic care-givers with the ability to manufacture low-cost prosthetic liners – ultimately improving quality of life for amputees living in countries where these components are cost-prohibitive. 


Operation Namaste is the flagship program of Collaborative Orthotic and Prosthetic Care Alliance - a Lake Placid, New York based 501c3 non-profit organization established in 2019.


Together with a dedicated team of volunteers, affiliate manufacturers and care-givers -- Operation Namaste pursues the goal of helping the physically disabled stay active and live life to the fullest regardless of their financial status.

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