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Liner Research Poster (2nd Place)

Congratulations Hannah Clark on winning second place at the David J. Holcomb Research Symposium with her research poster on Namaste Liners.

This research shows that Namaste liners are an viable low cost options for low-resource enivorments. Here are the clinical implications....

• Namaste liners made without vacuum, without proper ratios of solutes, and a combination of no vacuum and without a proper ratio of solutes are comparable to commercial silicone liner thickness, tensile elasticity, shear elasticity, volumetric elasticity, and coefficient of friction and may be a quality low-cost option for low-resource environments.

• Availability of Namaste liners in low-resourced settings may allow for better clinical outcomes of patients with traumatic amputations, diabetic amputations, and high activity patients whooften ambulate across uneven terrain.

• Given its ease of fabrication and low cost, the Namaste liner may be a viable representative for commercial cushion silicone liners for other general research on prosthetic liners.

We are very happy to see the science is backing up our efforts. This site published by UW has a graphical representation of the findings.....


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