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Become A Member

Become A Member and help people with mobility concerns World Wide.

The main objective of Operation Namaste is to develop technology to modernize O&P care sustainably and distributed to developing countries world wide through a network of medical professionals.  Through these efforts we will assist amputee’s to return to full activity and improve their lives. 

We need your help to achieve this.

Operation Namaste is looking for members to join our volunteer team.  We have teams focused on designing technology, creating O&P education materials and more. 

Our largest team of members are our Mentors.  Everyone has skills that would benefit others and it is a major part of our mission to teach people skills and support their learning over time.  We need mentors to help through our two ways: Mentor Treks and online Mentoring.

  • Mentor Treks: For people who like to travel we run treks where we educate fellow providers while exploring the amazing countries they live in.  

  • Online Mentoring: For people who want to help from home we run a collaborative telehealth system called Collaborative CAD and mentor instruction O&P providers on modern care techniques.

Become a member and help us achieve the goal of mobility for people around the world.

Become a member

The main objective of Operation Namaste is to develop technology and a network whereby medical professionals can build international partnerships to improve prosthetic and orthotic care in developing countries around the world. Through this network, participants will share technology, education, and resources for the charitable purpose of aiding people with physical limitations.


Operation Namaste membership is vital to our mission.  In 2021 your dues will:  

  • Support Operation Namaste to insure it can continue it's programs in low and middle level income countries.

  • Regulate our operating costs including insurance fees, staff salary/benefits, planning and overhead expenses.

  • Fund future development programs to increase our assistance scope to more developing countries worldwide.

  • Get access to member-only events and outings.

  • Get early (BETA) access to our software, developed to improve Orthotic and Prosthetic practices.

  •  Get discounts on upcoming outreach and mentor trips to Nepal and other partner countries.

  • Lastly, Get a warm fuzzy feeling when you get to know the people whose lives you have improved. 

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