Nepal Trek 2019

Part service trip and part trek, this trip featured a team of prosthetists, a physiotherapist, and an amputee peer counselor who toured the beautiful country of Nepal, visiting several prosthetic clinics along the way and putting on an educational summit for Nepali practitioners discussing the latest care techniques.

Nepal Warrior Trek 2017

From answering the questions of curious children along the Annapurna Circuit to the honor of a private audience with the President of Nepal, this team of amputees and business owners trekked, advocated, and promoted accessibility through social change.

Paralympic Hopeful

Nima Rumba lost his brother and his leg in the earthquake of 2015. With the help of Operation Namaste and the Fillauer Allpro prosthetic, Nima is the most active amputee his prosthetist has seen. Though it is customary to hide a prosthetic with trousers or a cosmetic cover, he proudly dons his every day for basketball and a new passion for the Paralympics.

3-D Printing in Haiti

The invention of "the first ever medical-grade, 3D-printed arm for a young mother in Haiti" is credited to our founder and prosthetist, Jeff Erenstone, who made history with an FDA approved prosthetic. Operation Namaste shares the same determination for sustainable answers to real problems.

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Camp Namaste

We educated prosthetic and rehabilitative professionals, along with children and their families, on the importance of encouraging children with limb differences to engage in high level physical activities, feel confident in their abilities, and adapt activities of daily living using cost-efficient, simple solutions.

Prosthetic and Orthotic Summit

Currently, many amputees rely on their family members to even see a prosthetist for a consultation, much less have a comfortable prosthetic made for themselves. We seek to partner with local prosthetists to discuss accessible techniques, feasible resources and a network to strengthen the Nepali prosthetics industry.

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Prosthetist Speaks to United Nations, Highlighting Value and Potential of 3-D Printing Technology in Third World...

"He [Jeff Erenstone] discussed the evolution of 3D printed prosthetics from “over hyped” plastic toys to devices that, when properly constructed in accordance with all FDA regulatory controls may be considered medical grade.  He shared his experience with recent efforts in Haiti and how his team focused on educating the local prosthetists on this technology"

Hike through Nepal to help amputees, quake survivors

"Singh was born in Nepal, and he lost his left leg 33 years ago in a motorcycle crash.

Although he moved to Columbus in 1991, he hopes that his Nepalese heritage and status as an amputee will serve as inspiration..."

Coalition of The Willing

"What we need is a dedicated and partnership driven effort to make it [Nepal] more accessible by breaking down cultural, institutional and physical barriers for persons living with disabilities."

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