SILC Solutions

SILC Solutions is Operation Namaste's system for fabricating silicone liners in locally in developing countries. SILC stands for "silicone interface liner comfort." We use CAD-designed, 3D-printed molds to make silicone gel liners in standard sizes -- small, medium, large, and extra large. These can be fabricated quickly at a much lower cost than what was previously available.

Most silicone liners cost over $200 US. Operation Namaste's SILC liners cost less than $50 US.

A prosthetic liner is the interface between an amputee and the prosthesis, which greatly increases their comfort and mobility. When liners were first invented, they changed the lives of amputees everywhere - amputees who could afford them, or who had medical insurance to pay for them.


Without prosthetic liners, amputees would not be summiting the Himalayas, returning to active-duty military service, and competing against able-bodied athletes in Olympic sports.

Prosthetic liners have been available to almost all amputees in high-income countries for the past 30 years. However, the cost and lack of availability puts them beyond the reach of most amputees in low-income countries. We plan to change that.


  With SILC Solutions, high-quality prosthetic liners will be available to all amputees, no matter where they live in the world.