SILC Solutions

SILC Solutions is Operation Namaste's system for fabricating silicone liners (Namaste Liners) locally in developing countries. 

A prosthetic liner is a critical prosthetic part for an amputee who wants to return to work full time and to do other high intensity activities. 


SILC stands for "silicone interface liner comfort." We use CAD-designed, 3D-printed molds to make silicone gel liners in standard sizes -- small, medium, large, and extra large. These can be fabricated quickly at a much lower cost than what was previously available.

Most silicone liners cost over $200 US. Operation Namaste's SILC liners cost less than $50 US.

A prosthetic liner is the interface between an amputee and the prosthesis, which greatly increases their comfort and mobility. When liners were first invented, they changed the lives of amputees everywhere - amputees who could afford them, or who had medical insurance to pay for them.

Without prosthetic liners, amputees would not be summiting the Himalayas, returning to active-duty military service, and competing against able-bodied athletes in Olympic sports.

Prosthetic liners have been available to almost all amputees in high-income countries for the past 30 years. However, the cost and lack of availability puts them beyond the reach of most amputees in low-income countries. We plan to change that.

How to Make Namaste Liner with

SILC Solutions