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Collaborative Care Network

We provide an easy access, intuitive software for Orthotic and Prosthetic practitioners to treat patients through digital design.  The heart of this software is a collaboration network where practitioners work together and learn from each other.  The world is moving toward tele-health and we have created tools that any practitioner can use, anywhere in the world.


SILC Solution Prosthetic Liners

We have developed a new method of fabricating silicone prosthetic liners locally in developing countries for very low costs. 


We use 3d printed molds and medical grade platinum cured silicone to make long lasting liners in a sustainable way.  

Along with the fabrication expertise, we provide the clinical knowledge and understanding on to affectively fit patients with the liners to ensure success.


Mentor Trek to Nepal

Do you want to help prosthetic care in developing countries while learning about the culture and explore a beautiful country?

Operation Namaste is heading back to Nepal.... and we would like you to join us.

As part of our continuing support of O&P care in Nepal, we are taking another trip and we want all professionals and volunteers in the O&P field to join.


In this exploratory service trip you will be called upon to share your knowledge with colleagues in the Nepali O&P field.  However before you do you will spend some time visiting and learning about Nepalese O&P Clinics and touring and trekking in this amazing country.