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Become a member and help us achieve the goal of mobility for people around the world.

Operation Namaste is creating technology that supports Orthotic and Prosthetic clinical worldwide but we can't do this alone.  We need your help.  All of our programs cost money to develop and distribute and your membership dollars.  Annual membership costs $100 per person.

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As a thank you for your membership we would like to give you free access to our Collaborative CAD software if you are Certified Orthotic and Prosthetic Clinician.   Currently the software is at beta phase which means that it functional but not a finished product yet.  Therefore we very much hope to get member feedback to improve it before worldwide distribution.  


This software is designed to be a very user friendly O&P CAD software.  It  is web based and doesn't require anything more than internet connection to access. 


Here is a video that briefly explains the software.

Terms of service can be seems here.  This software is completely free and available for use in any clinician situation be it is a private for-profit clinic or as part of the non-profit work.

Discounted membership is available to practitioner in low income countries that meet our discount criteria.

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