Fricis Pirtnieks, Prosthetist/Orthotist, 3D designer

During O&P studies Fricis with colleagues has founded to narrow the gap between clinicians and 3D printing in practice. 

WiDE's solution is unique template based software which allows clinicians to achieve custom orthotic based of patient specific 3D scan. 


In 2018. Fricis has worked with Create Prosthetics and CPO Jeff Erenstone, in upstate NY on specialized prosthetic 3D printers and assistive device designs to pioneer 3D printing in O&P practice! 


Along with daily tasks Fricis also loves to participate and share ideas with e-NABLE community and NGO's who pursude 3D printing use for assistive device development and clinical use. 

In 2018 summer Fricis developed ''TuuTree'' - simplistic hand-like terminal device for those in need. 

TuuTree and other Fricis designs can be found on Thingiverse: