Camp Namaste is a day-long camp experience for Nepali children with limb differences. This camp takes place at the Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled children in Nepal, which is a non-profit organization and the largest pediatric orthopedic hospital in Nepal. In 2015 alone, HRDC provided more than 3,200 children with prosthetic or orthotic devices.


This camp will focus on the benefits of being active and participating in high-level activities such as running or swimming, and will help us take steps forward in de-marginalizing disabilities throughout the country.

Camp Namaste is a branch of Operation Namaste and we are committed to:

  • Encouraging children with limb differences to engage in high level physical activities

  • Supporting children to feel confident and secure in who they are and their abilities

  • Providing a social network for children and families to connect with other families going through similar situations

  • Helping children with limb differences and their families modify or adapt activities of daily living using cost-efficient, simple solutions or adaptive devices to increase their independence

  • Educating prosthetic and rehabilitative professionals, children with limb differences and their families, and others affected by children with limb differences in proper prosthetic care, fitness and health in children with limb differences, rehabilitation considerations, and adaptations and modifications to common activities (i.e. putting hair in a ponytail with one hand).