Ana Maciaz

Always the curious one, my adventure resume consisted of serving in the Army for five years in Military Intelligence, earning a BA in Psychology and later exploring Computer Science and Graphic Design, eventually dawning the helmet and leathers of a motorcyclist. The only thing that scared me was Math and Sports. After my motorcycle accident in 2014, I was still curious and adventurous. Thanks to veteran non-profits I am a Para-triathlete and able to surf, scuba dive, cycle, run, water ski, skeleton sled and tons more than I ever would have imagined – even before the loss of my leg.

Opportunity and peer examples are what helped to achieve my goals and key to remaining a contributing citizen while physically challenged. I have been offered the chance participate in some highly active events like Triathlons surrounded by other people with the same injuries – who have pushed to adapt to the activity they love. I stand on the shoulders of those before me. It’s my turn to share and offer a shoulder to the people of Nepal.

I have been given a gift – a chance to overcome the fears I had for competitive sport and the support to redefine my capabilities both physical and spiritual. Let us together prove that our place in the community isn’t dependent on physical capability but on having the opportunity to define our passion to benefit those around us. Let’s help Nepal’s resilient people adapt to a new kind of hero. And I’ll take on Math another day.